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The Library

Knjižnica (=Library) Velenje is a public library covering the area of the communities Velenje, Šoštanj and Šmartno ob Paki; in each of the three places there is a library branch department. The area extends upon 197 km2 and includes 45.000 inhabitants, thereof 34.000 in Velenje. Untill the second world war Šoštanj had been the center of the area. After 1950 the town of Velenje was undergoing a period of fast growth because of the development of industry resp. immigration linked with it, which promoted Velenje to the new center. The population growth stopped about 1990.

Local librarianship has been intermittently documented since 1854, while the library in Velenje exists uninterruptedly since 1934. Since 1990 the yearly number of the homeloans, a reliable and comparable index of the library's impact, has been growing considerably faster as before and reached 300.000 items in 2003.

Today more than ever, the library represents a social center and a place of sociability, further a spot of informational and educational support and a place of culture: in the library, users - readers, lerners, those in search of information etc. - meet knowledge and information, but they meet among themselves as well. The most of the funds are free accessible, so that the users can take a look and make their choices themselves.

Library activities are organised upon several levels:

  • the basic level represents supply of information as well as of book and nonbook materials (fiction, nonfiction, encyclopedias, dictionaries, language courses, films, music…), magazines, newspapers etc.; these services include interlibrary loans and some e-services;
  • the library dedicates special care to the collecting, preserving and presenting all kind of printed information concerning or taking its source in the area;
  • advertising and promoting the library by organising enabling courses for users, public readings, debates and similar.



Literature searches may be carried out using the COBISS.

Library Location, Hours and Phone Number

Šaleška 21
3320 Velenje

phone: +386 3 8982550
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Opening Hours: Monday- Friday: 8-19.00; Saturday: 8-13.00.

e-mail: tajnistvo@vel.sik.si

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